About Wool Armor and me, its founder

Wool Armor is a site for people who like style and entertainment. For people who are looking for new ideas, projects, product reviews, and even reviews. The world is worth exploring, do so in style.

I, myself, have helped people on their style journey to find out who they are, their own style, and to better themselves in their self confidence. To help them in the journey to become whole. Style is more than just the way one looks, it is manners, the way one acts, learning to enjoy what you enjoy openingly  and accepting the world around you and the many different approaches to life.

I am a historian and cosplayer as well. I enjoy many forms of entertainment from plays to cinema. I love to go out and enjoy what the world has to offer, and with this site you will find reviews over products, events, entertainment; and you will find opinion pieces, and projects that I have or am working on.

Go out, enjoy what the world has to offer, and look good doing it.