Why style matters.


A wise man once said “You may not want to judge, but the world will judge you.”

Here are four reasons why you should give a damn about style.

  1. Confidence

Look sharp, be sharp. This one is almost doesn’t need to be mentioned, but you get a huge confidence boost when you feel like you look good. Some people are afraid to venture out of a comfort zone, that is understandable. You don’t have to go full dapper dandy to develop a good style sense. Just adjusting clothing that you have to fit you better; get your dress shirts fitted, your suit tailored to look good, go with more fitted jeans instead of ones that look like you are wearing denim sweatpants. This will instill confidence that could help you land that job, or get that spouse, or sell that product, or get a good deal on that car.

  1. Timeless looks

When you care about style you learn what looks good on you, and what will look good forever. Fashion is made up of trends, and trends go in and out of style. For instance, high-waist shorts for women are coming back, it will go away again. Super skinny jeans for men are in, those will go again. The key is getting things that fit for you. And you develop your own style and tastes, but with a base understanding of timeless looks, you will never look awkward, or “last year.”

  1. Respect

You get respect when you look good, both self-respect, and respect from others. You begin to take better care of yourself; you may workout more, eat healthier, in the very least you take more consideration on how you look and others notice this for the better. People do treat you better, but some of course won’t but that is mainly out of jealousy. Once I started to care about style I noticed a change in people’s behavior, mainly how they referred to me. I was referred to as “sir,” rather than a simple “yes” for a yes or no answer I would get a “yes, sir” from all age groups. In addition, we cannot forget the compliments, not just from those who know you and see that you have been upgrading your look, but also complete strangers.

  1. Movement to adulthood

Once you start giving a damn about style, you’ll see people treat you better, as mentioned, you gain confidence, as mentioned, you begin to look like you give a damn about the direction of your life. People will see you as an adult, no longer a kid who just wears what he feels like; not saying you cannot wear what you feel like but you will take in consideration on how you look and what your image gives off to those around you. You learn how to take advantage of the judgmental world and avoid self-created barriers.


Stay sharp my friends.