Combat Gent Suit Review

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I bought two suits from Combat Gent. The first suit I bought from them was this Charcoal sharkskin suit, or Pick and Pick as some call it. The second suit is a charcoal glen plaid with a beige windowpane overlay. I purchased the second suit a little bit after getting the first one, it was on their off-season sale and I liked the price point and materials of the first.

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The suits are 100% wool. Half canvased lined, Full polyester lining, has three internal pockets. Two external pockets (slanted for the Sharkskin) four pants pockets, Four plastic sleeve buttons with mock buttonholes – as in they just have thread sewn to give the impression that there is a buttonhole, but that is good for tailoring, if they were working buttonholes the tailor would have to adjust from the shoulder which is more work and thus more expensive. But this adjustment is very common with off the rack suits.


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Complements from my tailor: She said for the price that it was a good suit. The wool feels like it would be in the Super 100s range, which those super numbers are technically not regulated, but Combat gent doesn’t claim any super range. Pants are unlined.

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(Detail inside the pants. They have a rubber waistband to help keep your shirt tucked)

Overall Combat Gent is competing with other companies’ off the rack suits, like JC Penny, Kohl’s, and Men’s Warehouse, and in my opinion they are successful. Though one turndown would be the in inability to try it on, though they do accept returns and exchanges but that can be an inconvenient to the buyer and there can be issues of low stock quantity. Overall if you know your size, I would chose Combat Gent over the other department stores unless they have something you want, like patterns or fabrics. Combat Gent doesn’t variety too much, when they do it is a limited batch and is usually price around $200 or above, which isn’t too bad.

Are they the best? No. The fit is nice, definitely use their sizing charts and assistance. You can communicate with their Customer Service to get help. But in general you have to go a size up for their slim suits from a classic fitting suit. If you are familiar with JCP’s J.F. line they fit almost like those. Their pants on the other hand are your normal size, which threw me off. I’m normally a size 30 but with slim and skinny fitting clothing I have to go with a size 32. But their 32 was more generous in the waist, which isn’t a big deal, a tailor can take them in for a small fee easily. There are better suit out there, some Made to Measure websites offer more variety in fabrics and options, and supposedly Combat Gent has started to do such but only in person measuring sessions – which limits their customer base for such, but in person is the better way to go.

I know for the price I’ll be back.